Hardcore Soul is a powerful example of our days, of how time has taken on an increasingly less linear dimension, fully expressing the sense of contemporaneity – now more than ever marked by the mingling and fusion of different environments and cultures of coexistence and synchronicity of experiences as different eras but at the same time common and intertwined. The publication, by Ewen Spencer and Gabber Eleganza with the contribution by the Turner Prize Mark Leckey, creates a seamless fow between what was the Happy Hardcore Rave scene and that of the British Northern Soul weekenders. A tool for reading today thru the analysis of existing aesthetic and socio-cultural realities, stripped of all rhetoric or nostalgia and revitalized through their fusion. Making you want to turn up the volume and dance, whatever age you are, wherever you come from.


The book will be presented with a green pvc cover including:
Book 1 – Photo by Ewen Spencer, 80 pages.
Book 2 – Mark Leckey and Ewen Spencer in conversation, 16 pages.
Two cardboards + Gabber Eleganza’s Hardcore Soul Mixtape.
Size: 16,5cm x 23,5cm
Released on May 16th, 2019
Edition of 500.